Domhealth has been providing innovative animal health solutions through products and technical support for 25 years. Call us on 09 274 7676 or email with your animal health enquiry.

Domhealth products cater for your horse, alpacas and dogs. In addition, there is a whole suite of products to solve animal health issues for production animals (dairy, beef, sheep, pigs, chickens and deer) as well.

With a large range of equine products, Domhealth products cater for all types of horse. The needs of an equestrian horse differ across disciplines and breed, as well as level of work. You can talk to Domhealth about the animal health issues you may have.

Out on the farm we have specialised solutions at mating, calving and lambing, and during the facial eczema season. We can work with your vet, farm consultant or rural supply store to help develop a tailored program for your farm which aims to optimise your profitability.

Domhealth can save you some money on your animal health spend, particularly after the hot summer dry that we have just had. Where every dollar is so precious, its important that you get value for money. Domhealth stands behind their products. The products are affordable without compromising on quality.

Its important to be able to trust the products that you choose to use. Domhealth products work. Domhealth products are endorsed and trusted by farmers, vets, top equestrian riders, as well as horse racing trainers and breeders.

On top of that, Domhealth products are readily accessible throughout NZ. From Invercargill to the far North, and every place in between, there is bound to be a supplier near you. Ask for Domhealth products at your local RD1, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands, CRT, large animal veterinarians, Equestrian retail or horse feed store.

Domhealth is a New Zealand owned and operated animal health company, developing and manufacturing animal health products that are distributed nationwide. Some products are also available outside of NZ too.

Contact us here, if you would like us to put you in touch with your nearest supplier.

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